Cartagena Oceanographic Research Institute (CORI) is an independient non-profit research institute whose main goal is to advance oceanographic research and discovery, and to share this with society for a better ocean protection by:

  • Promoting joint work between scientists and engineers to face the new challenges posed by the exploration, sustainable exploitation and conservation of the marine environment.
  • Developing new technologies related to the ocean and making them accesible to both researchers and society.
  • Executing scientific research programs on ocean systems and submerged heritage, mainly those involving technological or methodological advances.
  • Contributing to the Blue Growth development through the application of new technologies that help the sustainable exploitation of marine resources.
  • Developing and promoting programs which combine companies, technical schools, training centers, universities, research centers and associations in Cartagena linked to the marine environment.
  • Increasing the number of oceanographic studies on the Region of Murcia´s coast.

These goals can only be achieved by working together: science, engineering and society.Cartagena is the perfect place to fulfill it since it hosts research institutes, engineering schools, companies and civil movements which are related to the ocean.