LOw-COst BUOY, a new project

Puerto de Cartagena

The main goal of this activity, included on the action line of Education and scientific careers, is the construction by the CIFP Hesperides (https://www.cifphesperides.es) and the Polytechnic school of Cartagena (http://politecnicocartagena.es) of a low-cost oceanographic buoy to monitor the quality of sea water.

Currently multiple national and international projects have been organised to develop oceanographic low-cost sensors, such as: https://vimeo.com/115469736 o http://www.citclops.eu/fluorescence-/measuring-water-fluorescence. However, each of them has been independent. The project LO-CO Buoy will allow to gather various of these sensors to offer the information registered by both of them in conjunction. The CIFP Hesperides is equipped with an own dock which will allow to carry out the anchoring of the buoy on a comfortable and safe way. Besides, the UPCT has professional scientific sensors similar to those proposed, allowing to check the quality of registered data.

This project will serve as a pilot trial for a future project which would gather primary and secondary schools from all the region on the manufacture of a buoy with a bigger amount of sensors and capabilities.