Oceanographer for a day.

The aim of this citizen science project is to use private boats to perform oceanographic campaigns. The direct contact of the ships owners and the researchers joining the campaigns will allow us to explain to them how oceanographic variables are measured and used for a better understanding of our ocean. The RBR equipment will be the perfect support for this pilot project initiative performing 4 campaigns during 2020 summer in the Mar Menor coastal lagoon.

Thanks to the RBR 2020 Cohort program for supporting this project.


The Mar Menor is one of the biggest coastal lagoons in Europe with different environmental protection levels. Due to the anthropogenic pressure it recently has suffered a strong eutrophication process resulting on the dead of millions of marine animals. This problem has mobilized civil society to protect it and there are a lot of people willing to contribute to its conservation. However the oceanographic processes underlying this problem is not well understood by the general public. The contact with a scientist and professional instrument will allow to fill this gap and contribute to a better understanding that leads to the long term preservation of this unique lagoon.