Panel de expertos

Kanna Rajan

Focused on building complex systems in software for decision-making for real world environments including for the harsh confines of space and the deep ocean.PI of NASA’s 1999 Deep Space, 2004 MAPGEN and 1999 NASA Software of the Year Award, 2002 NASA Public Service medal and the 2004 NASA Exceptional Service. 2005-2014 moved to MBARI in California focused on ocean autonomous systems technologies. Nowadays working on integrating oceanographic observations across space and time with Small Satellites, aerial, surface and underwater vehicles on NTNU (Norway) and FEUP (Portugal).

Research gateLinked
João Sousa

Head of the Laboratório de Sistemas e Tecnologias Subaquáticas – LSTS (Underwater Systems and Technologies Laboratory). The LSTS has pioneered the design, construction and deployment of networked underwater, surface and air vehicles for applications in ocean sciences, security and defense. Professor at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department from Porto University in Portugal. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Swedish Marine Robotics Center.

Zara Mirmalek

Zara Mirmalek is a social scientist who conducts ethnographic research among work communities for the study of human-technology relationships and remote presence. She has conducted studies in the domains of space exploration and ocean exploration among scientists working with robots on Mars (NASA’s Mars Exploration Rovers mission) and in the ocean (submarine volcanoes in the Caribbean).  Currently she is a research scientist with the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute and a Senior Fellow in the Program for Science, Technology & Society at Harvard University.